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Welcome to Home Online Banking designed to make online banking easier to use, more convenient and secure. Now you can have access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never leave your home, and it's FREE.

With Home Online Banking you can:

  • Access your account balance information on checking, savings and loan accounts.
  • Look up the account history and verify Visa Debit Card transactions.
  • Perform transfers between accounts and schedule recurring transfers.
  • Initiate stop payments.
  • Run customized reports.
  • Change your password and email address options.
  • We also offer "Electronic Bill Paying" capabilities which are detailed separately. Ever forget to send a payment? Now you can have them sent electronically, automatically, on the same day every month. Help reduce the number of checks, stamps and envelopes you use, and it's FREE.

If you are already a Bank customer, just click APPLY and follow the easy application to sign up.

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